FAD is a Saudi company operating in the field of diversified investment and development and is led by a clear vision and a constant growth that resulted in a great confidence incorporating our main principle at FAD that is to become a leader in investment and development. We aim to efficiently expand our funds and provide sustainable return to stakeholders. We aim to provide high-quality Shariah-compliant investment opportunities and packages to our clients in diverse markets tailored to fulfill the needs of different types of investors.

We aim to constantly develop innovative and market-leading investments in sectors such as real estate, construction, trading, manufacture and others, inside the Saudi Kingdom and abroad.

In order to achieve the above objectives, we at FAD are committed to provide the highest levels of service, regular communication and transparent advice through our qualified team of experts utilizing the latest technology. At the same time, we seek to build a strong base of local expertise in the complex world of investment by combining the values we believe in with the long-term thinking and the extensive experience we gained.

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