Banking and Investment Sector
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Arcapita bank Bahrain Partner   www.arcapita.com
Al Salam Bank Sudan  Partner   www.alsalambank.net
Deutsche Gulf Finance K.S.A. Founder www.deutschegulf.com
Jadwa Investments K.S.A. Partner   www.jadwa.com 
Amara Holdings Hong Kong Founder www.amara-holding.com  
Real Estate Sector
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ERA Middle East UAE Founder   www.era-me.com
Real Estate National Group K.S.A.  Founder   www.era-ksa.com
Akwaan Properties K.S.A. Founder www.akwaan.com
Bilda Specialized Commercial Centers Co. K.S.A. Partner   www.bilda.com 
Industry Sector
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Carbon Venture
UAE Founder   www.carbonventures.com
Kanolli Food Industries K.S.A.  Founder   www.kanolli.net
Alujain Corporation K.S.A.  Partner  www.alujaincorp.com
FAD Recycling Factory
Steel Wires

Our steel wire is manufactured in coils and is available in diameters ranging from 5.00mm to 0.80mm. The tested yield stress and tensile strength of the wire has a minimum of 550N/mm2.

Drawn black wire is the basic material that we used to produce any type of the other steel wires, like the black annealed wire or galvanized steel wire. Of course we control the final physical characteristics of the wire to be matched with the final purpose of usage.

Black annealed wire

Black annealed wire includes black wire steel and soft annealed wire.

Black wire steel, also called black wire, comes in the form of coil wire or cut wire. They are mostly used in construction or daily use as binding material. Soft annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and softness though the process of oxygen free annealing. They are mostly used in woven wire mesh or a wire tie.

  • The standard size: BWG5- BWG24
  • Tensile strength: 30-55kg/mm2
  • Elongation: 36/38%
  • Package: Normal package is 25kgs per coil, it also can be made to big coil from 500kgs to 1000kgs according to our customers.
Galvanized Wire

Also, we produce galvanized wire steel, including hot dip galvanized wire steel. Tensile strength is 35- 45kgs/mm2, from bwg 8 to bwg 24.

In fact, the chemical performances of the galvanized wire make it as a most suitable choice when we consider the whether nature of our environment, galvanized wire resists the humidity and the bad conditions because of the special hot dipping zinc coating on the wire surface.

High – speed wire nail making machines

This range of machines has been a result of our long experience in the manufacture of nail making machines.

All components of these machines have been realized to provide a continuous high-speed nail production.

The three main shafts are of high strength forged, steel and induction hardened. A particular study has been affected to reduce the noise, common on conversational wire nail making machines. Product chart of wire nail
Welding Wire (CO2 welding Wire)

Welding Wire division is specialized in the production of gas shielded welding wire using, as raw material, wire rod having particular physical and chemical characteristics especially produced by ferriere Nord.

All the production phases, from steelwork to the automatic packaging of the end product are subjected to controls which attest the high quality grade of the product and make it suitable in the more critical applications. In this division of the Group too, the plants have been designed and realized by W.M.S.(Wire machinery service)

Services Sector
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Elite Medical
Doctors Co.
K.S.A. Partner   www.elite.med.sa
Snow Queen Laundry K.S.A. Founder www.snowqueenlaundry.com  
Unizah Investment Co. K.S.A. Founder Under Construction
Kiram for investment
& Development Co.
K.S.A. Founder www.kiram.com 
International Company For Enviornmental Solutions K.S.A. Founder Under Construction
Horizon Sheild Co. K.S.A. Partner www.hrzshield.com
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Ramah Shams
K.S.A. Partner www.rsc.sa
Al Tayyar Group K.S.A. Partner www.altayyargroup.com
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